Thank you
to all those who have
offered support in the past!

Your contributions are appreciated
for the completion of new works of art.
[ virtual panhandling ]


Please consider
one of the following options:


  • Make a financial donation using Paypal.
  • Contribute an item from my wish list.
  • Please make a secure, online, financial donation.:::

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    Please contribute an item or items from my "wish list." :::

    - artist stipends for the creation of new work$$$
    - digital camera
    - digital video camera
    - video editing software
    - computer [pc or mac, that will run Flash 7 player]
    - residency with a public space for frequent installations
    - travel and accommodations
    - lapel or headset microphone
    - transparencies for a laser printer
    - installation assistance
    - clear plastic dry cleaning bags [used]
    - fabric softener sheets [used]
    - clear plastic containers [used]
    - printing services

    * I very much appreciate those people who are kind enough to extend the life of "trash" by donating it to me for art materials, but I am not encouraging the NEW use of products.  If you do not currently use fabric softener sheets, dry clean your clothes, or buy items that are packaged in petroleum products; I thank you!






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