Tip Your Artist!

When you like some art but you aren’t going to buy it,

give the artist some $ to thank her

for creating the beautiful moment you experienced.


Tip Your Artist!

After meeting with Jennifer at Wonderroot, I learned that  there is a problem with patrons enjoying looking at art but not buying it and this is making it difficult to sustain artists in Atlanta. I came up with a performance that encourages people to give artists tips if they enjoy someone's work. Here is a video, and stay tuned while I figure out  other ways to experiment with this idea. Meanwhile, join the movement by bringing your dollars to art openings and tip the artists if you like a piece.  Do you think you could manage $1 per a piece? Show some love!


A lot of people go to art openings for the party factor, but they don't necessarily buy the art. I am trying to get people to give artists a dollar if they like their work but they aren't going to buy it. To help spread the word, I have been making these envelopes for people to put the dollar in. I can see this as being an alternative funding source for the arts in Atlanta. I chose a dollar because that is something that a poor artist like me can manage to give another artist when I like her work, however many people have been giving larger amounts as tips.

Print Your Own Envelopes:


Double Sided Insert


How to assemble the envelopes