U P C O M I N G  
May 4 & 5
Art in the back of my truck.
in the parking lot of SLM Projects: Roswell, GA


virtual panhandling...
S E L E C T E D    P A S T  
"virtual panhandling"
time and date supplied to donors
Performance intervention.
Greenway: Alpharetta, GA

"anti--artist--statement ::: split peas"
March 9
Performance interacting with John Lowther and others.
Eyedrum "ARTperforms": Atlanta, Georgia

January 23
Performance intervention with John Lowther, in his freshman English class.
Georgia State University: Atlanta, GA

"Drawings by Allison Rentz"
December 8 - 30
SLM Projects: Roswell, GA

"black friday parking lot"
Walked with Karen Tauches to a parking lot.  We took turns shopping, and sitting in chairs in a parking lot space.
View the post sales catalogue.
Intervention @Ponce de Leon parking lot: Atlanta, GA

Performances about socializing, identity, and art as business.
A collaboration with Karen Tauches and Kirstin Mitchell.
Interventions in Georgia, USA

"MANufactured = LOVE"
November 4 & 5
site-specific performance installation
supported in part by SLM Studio/Gallery
SLM Studio/Gallery: Roswell, Georgia

October 20
artists stealing soundtoys on the web
performance w/Stan Woodard
Eyedrum Benefit Party: Atlanta, Georgia

August 19 - 31
Video of "c o n t a i n i n g   =   h a t e," performance installation


"c o n t a i n i n g   =   h a t e"
July 15 - 22
a performance installation
supported in part by the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
"Bring it on! A series of solo positions"
the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center: Atlanta, GA

"The Bungalows Project: Contemporary Arts Month San Antonio"
June 30 - July 31
w/ Polvo Art Studio: Chicago, Illinois

San Antonio, Texas

"Language Harm"
March 15, and May 17
Performance and/or installation. Collaboration w/poets and solo.
Eyedrum: Atlanta, Georgia

April 18
Performance Installation collaboration with John Lowther [poet].
supported in part by Bethany Rentz
Intervention in Beziers, France

"mini exhibit:  Works on paper"
November 4 - 26
Polvo Art Studio: Chicago, Illinois

May 1 - Sept.15th
an interactive performance installation
supported in part by the Freedom Park Conservancy
Art in Freedom Park: Public Art Exhibition 2005
Freedom Park:  Atlanta, Georgia

'corporate striping clean"
April 9 and May 28
I Miss A Merry K UH performance installation
"Embedded: Living with Technology," Athica: Athens, Georgia

"Language Harm"
January 19
"I Miss A Merry K UH" live performance.
Eyedrum: Atlanta, Georgia

"Regime Change: Virtual Art @ athica.org V4"
I Miss a Merry K UH web project.
Athica: Athens, Georgia

Group Exchange Show w/Polvo Art Studio
functionvariable: Barcelona, Spain

"The Windows Project"
September 17 - November 12
"Follow Me," a performance installation about control.
supported in part by the Lexington Arts & Cultural Council
Downtown Arts Center: Lexington, Kentucky

"upROar Goes Undercover"
November 6
A performance installation.
Fundraiser for Roswell Arts Renaissance: Roswell, Georgia

"Terrorist Art 2: Election 2004"
September 3 [opening and performance] - September 25
"I Miss a Merry K UH *ccw* demo w/King George", and 2-d work.
Polvo Art Studio: Chicago, Illinois

"l_so_illuminated  :::  the bifurcation"
Interactive performance installation including a projected animation with sound, sculpture, and pulleys that explores my artistic direction.
"Conversations with the Contemporary Figure" Curated by Danielle Roney
Eyedrum: Atlanta, Georgia

Performance installation about the interweaving of consumerism and capitalism. Includes a shopping cart, interactive animation projection, sculpture, pulleys, and sound.
"SEEN + HEARD Festival" at the B Complex: Atlanta, Georgia

"Small Sketches II: A Holiday Show"
Group sketching show.
Swan Coach House Gallery: Atlanta, Georgia

"Mess, no mess. P1_4_R3=C1_P3"
Interactive installation that includes a sculptural element that houses a Lego robot and an overhead projector.
Small Gallery @ Eyedrum: Atlanta, Georgia

Interactive performance installation - a collaboration with family members exploring control issues on a personal level, as well as in a broader social context.
"UpRoAR Goes Postal!" at the old Post Office: Roswell, Georgia

Outdoor installation and performance with a Gopher Tortoise, and sculptural elements.
"In Flight Entertainment" @ Spruill Gallery: Atlanta, Georgia

"I Miss A Merry K UH"
Street-based interactive performances.
Various locations: Atlanta, Georgia

"SIMPLE FORCE ::: the people will rise"
Interactive, site-based installation that included sound.
"Emergency Room: Artists Respond to War:" Atlanta, Georgia

1996 - 2002
"dishonorable discharge shoot fast"
Interactive web based animation including poetry, which was projected on a screen, and performed live at the EAAA Annual Survey.
Eyedrum: Atlanta, Georgia

Interactive installation that included sculptural elements, performance, and video.
Eyedrum: Atlanta, Georgia


installation, drawings, etc...
E D U C A T I O N  
AB Studio Art - Drawing and Painting
University of Georgia: Athens, Georgia

Worked for Paul Thomas
Hotel Oracle: Athens, Georgia


V I T A L S  
born 1975 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
lives in Roswell, Georgia, USA [metro-Atlanta]


good morning, ladies...
i need to check your vital signs!?
S E L E C T E D    P R E S S  
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[email protected] listserve - November 4

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Public Domain Podcast
with Robert Cheatham, Karen Tauches, and Susan Cipcic -October 5

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Copyright 2007
by Allison Rentz.
All rights reserved.