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Installation view prior to the opening. Costume on a stake prior to the opening. Detail of installation view prior to the opening.

This outdoor installation is part of "In Flight Entertainment," at the Spruill Gallery in Dunwoody [www.spruillarts.org] The remains of the installation will be on display until November 1, 2003.
During the opening, I created motion with the art, which included a humanely treated live Gopher Tortoise courtesy of the Lanier Museum of Natural History in Buford, GA.

|||_ A B O U T _|||

The Gopher Tortoise, whose numbers are disappearing fast, is typically found in the longleaf pine habitat in Georgia. The tortoise burrows a hole in the ground that also provides the habitat for other animals such as the Diamond Back Rattlesnake, Eastern Indigo snake, and burrowing owls.

Development is the biggest enemy of the gopher tortoise. The Gopher tortoise is not easily relocated due to fatal conditions such as micoplasma and upper respiratory disease. These conditions are not detectable while a Gopher Tortoise is living, and this results in the widespread of disease when the Tortoises are introduced into new populations during relocation. This displacement is not only causing the demise of the gopher tortoise, but also the many animals that live in the burrows that the tortoise creates.

The official state reptile of Georgia, the Gopher Tortoise is "Threatened."  These reptiles have a relatively long life span, and do not reproduce very frequently. 

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