sample image of Controle Oct. 25th, 2003
UpRoAR Goes Postal!
[Benefitted the Roswell arts org, RoAR – http://www.roswellroars.org]
@ The old Post office on Grimes Bridge Road in Roswell, GA

Interactive installation including a projection with kinetic sculpture.  Performance by Rose, the golden retriever.

This piece explores control issues on a personal level, as well as in a broader social context.  The interactive installation incorporates collaborative communications with my family, and integrates the significance of the space with the meaning of the piece.


Rose, the golden retriever and Pam Rentz.
Sculpture by Brian Sterner.
A drawing by Jim Rentz.
Words by family members.


View pictures of the installation.

Thank you:

Pat Lehnerer [for letting me borrow the technical equipment, and helping me set it up]
My family for participating.



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